Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Is Traffic Getting Better in Los Angeles?

Last night I mentioned how traffic on the Los Angeles Freeway system is getting worse as every day passes, and maybe I brought bad karma my way. I was busy with several projects at home this morning, and left home for work twenty minutes later than usual. And naturally the San Gabriel Freeway (605) had two lanes closed on the South bound side that I was traveling on to work.

I read the freeway sign that stated there was a backup at Lower Azusa, and for a moment thought of taking the 210 Freeway to the 2 Freeway, but hoping the sign had not been updated I took the shortest path to work, and was I ever in error by doing so.

As I sat there watching the clock in my car move quickly across the face, I pondered calling work to let them know I might be arriving a little late. But then, the freeway started moving, and I somehow made it to work ontime once again.

I know my co-workers go through the same stress as we come from all parts of Southern California to downtown Los Angeles.

Tomorrow I will leave for work much earlier than today.


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