Saturday, January 21, 2006

Trying Times for Tribune Employees

Tribune stock closed at $30.05 yesterday, matching a fifty-two week low, I hope this downward trend does not continue on Monday.

The Olympic Facility is at capacity from Thursday morning through Sunday morning, with everyone getting into the rhythm of new new zone runs and additional newspapers to produce. One day soon this will be a memory, as Black Monday (December 5th, 2005) is now becoming a memory.

I think the pizza I had brought into the pressroom yesterday was something I may do again, my crew produced 191,000 copies of today's newspaper, took a thirty minute lunch, and had the press completely ready for the 10:30 PM crew.

Getting off the printing presses for thirty minutes refreshing the crew, the constant noise of the presses wears the workers out. These are trying times, but lets not forget, people will burn out and be less productive when not allowed to escape for a few minutes.

I will be driving with the top down on my car this morning, the weather is fantastic today in San Dimas.

Enjoy your day everyone,

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