Thursday, February 02, 2006

Reading Body Language

Many years ago I was enlightened to body language, and it was my own body language I was unaware of. Before my ex-wife and I divorced, we started marriage counseling, but my ex didn't care for it, so I attended alone for many months. On my last visit with the therapist, he pointed something out to me. He said "Edward, everytime you say to me you want to be with your wife, your shaking your head back and forth. Edward, your body language is saying the opposite of what is coming out of your mouth".

WOW, I said to myself, and the journey into understanding my body language and the body language of others began.

Just becoming a new single person drew me to books like Nonverbal Communications, and Understanding Body Language to name just a few. This was one way to have a clue if a female was interested in me or not.

I use the body language from others to seek out the truth, as an example, I will ask if I'm doing a good job? If they answer yes, but move their heads in a no manner, I know their true thoughts. Another tell tale sign, is the touching of the face, when someone is lying they will generally touch their face, especially their nose, and sometimes the ear. You can also note the speed of eyelid blinking, the faster their blinking, could be an indication of a lie, but not always. You could be making them feel uneasy, due too the subject.

I have noticed at work that simply saying the name of a cookie causes some to feel uneasy, by watching their body language.

I'm the type with a dry sense of humor, I will simply state this singers name and watch the reactions.

Yes, this is good old Wayne Newton. One employee asked me not to keep saying Wayne Newton in front of him, in fear he might call our boss Wayne. What could be wrong with that I asked?

Remember, be yourself, and be honest. Agree to disagree.

Good Night,

Eddie AKA IP Eddie

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