Monday, February 06, 2006

Rick Cook Update

Yesterday (February 2,06) was a very long and tiring day for us. We had
a consultation with the radiologist at 10:00....Rick was supposed to be
in the planning stages for radiation on the leg that he broke on New
Year's Eve Day. I asked about the tumor on the arm that is just below
where the original one was radiated and asked her to again explain to me
why they could not do radiation on that one. So she checked and measured
to see exactly the size and shape and after scanning and x-ray, decided
that they could do radiation on that one on his leg also. She said it
would prabably not totally cover it but would do the majority of it.
They have to be very careful with radiation so that it does not radiate
over areas that have already been radiated and since it is so close to
the original spot, it can be very tricky. They marked the arm and the
leg, set up the machine for both and did the treatment on both; so by the
time we got back home from Hollywood area(20 miles on freeway, during
rush hour) it was almost 4:30 p.m.) Last night was not a good night for
sleeping, Rick's back and neck was giving him lots of problems, probably
from all the pushing and proding. Today he went in for his second
radiation treatment. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week they
will do the same treatments, for a total of five treatments. He also
will have his new Chemo treatment on Tuesday morning (with the radiation
treatment in the afternoon), so that will be a "double whammy".... Pray
that God will give him the strength to see him through all this. I can
see him getting more tired as we get further into this; but he is not a
"quiter" and neither am I! We are in this for the long haul,
Together,with God, all our friends and family...thank God for each and
every one of you. We count you all as a very special gift! Thank you,
thank to all of you, from both of us....Rick and Marilyn

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