Monday, March 13, 2006

Good Night, Mr. Chandler, Well Done.

Here's a nice closing for Otis Chandler by Kanani Fong.


Kanani said...

Thanks for the link. I've done some searching and have also posted three links at the bottom of the page. One is for the Pressman's page, another is a videolink for an interview done with Mr. Chandler in 2000, and another is a recent rememberance with Tom Johnson and Dennis McDougal on KCRW. You'll need RealPlayer to see and listen to these links. I think everyone will enjoy it.

Kanani said...

Just a note: The lady doing the interview on KCRW is a bit of a priss. An EAST coast priss! Just keep that in mind as she blabs on. ;0)

But both Tom Johnson and Dennis McDougal come out with statements about the LA Times, and the Chandler family that weren't in any of the obituaries.

She also solicits a promise to have them come back and talk about the newspaper business today.

Jess Espinoza said...

Thanks for the links, I'll visit them at the first opportunity.