Monday, March 13, 2006

The Hard Part is Over

Somehow I survived working both of my days off this past weekend, the Saturday shift was hard because of the short turn around and my daughter JoAnna becoming sick. And now my son Nathan seems to have caught the same illness, he may miss school this morning?

When I arrived home Saturday all I wanted to do was jump into bed and sleep, but somehow I managed to do a little cleaning around the house, feed the children, and wash some clothes. I finally laid down in my bed and turned the radio on about four in the afternoon. The next thing I knew, it was seven at night, so I had something to eat and it was off to sleep for me. Running up and down the catwalk at work also gave me a good workout Saturday, as the top balloon was giving the operator headache's.

Just the previous day (Friday) my balloon gave me the same problems, running around and breaking, so I was hoping to gain some knowledge by watching how the operator resolved his balloon problem. It's sad to say he was also unable to control his top balloon from running and breaking, just as I was unable to do so on Friday. And we we're on a completely different printing press on Saturday. Balloon problems equal additional waste, and Saturday we generated over ten thousand waste because of the balloon problems.

As a press operator I have not worked the second inker position, and did not know how to operate the CCR (color control registration) computer, after Saturday I now can setup and run this tool.

Yesterday only two of my crew members showed up for our crew overtime, and the men that filled in were two other press operator's and a first colorman. Needless to say we had an excellent day.

Our friend Ken Reich may not be able to attend our dinner tomorrow, Ken was in the hospital all of last week, we hope he's back on his feet soon.

I have caught up with all email messages this morning, working so much overtime did not give me time to respond to all messages, but I'm caught up now.

David Joe has mentioned he will be stepping down as the president of our club tomorrow, if you know of anyone you might like to have as a new president, nominates will be taken tomorrow. We are also in need of a vice-president, and would like to have a representative from Orange County as president or vice-president.

And in closing, after our new pressroom manager is named, we will no longer make jokes about short people, while he is in charge.

Have a great day,

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