Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Photo's From Whittier, California

As the protests continue around Southern California by high school students here are some very interesting photographs.

Locking down all schools in Los Angeles County did not stop the students from walking out in protest yesterday, so what will school officials do next, to stem this protest from spreading to other schools throughtout Los Angeles?

I have had one of my children walk off campus last year, and I was threatened with a fine and jail time by school officials if it occurred again. I say fine all school administrators if they cannot control the children in their charge as well.

This may be off subject, but I hope my point is understood. How can I physically keep a child on school grounds while at work? It only angers me when I'm threatened with fines and jail time by school officials. So lets turn the tables and give the same punishments to the highly educated educators.

On the other side of the coin, what would the impact be if all illegal immigrants were sent back to their home countries? We have become dependant on immigrants to do many jobs, especially here in Los Angeles, from mowing our lawns, cleaning our homes, babysitting our children, keeping the prices down at fast food outlets, and cleaning our workplaces.

What is the spending power of the immigrants in Los Angeles, I'm sure it's somewhere near twenty-five percent if not higher?

There are no simple answers to this situation.



Kanani said...

Isn't an upside down flag a sign of distress? Not sure. But if that's the case, then the Mexican flag should be upside down as well.

Ed Padgett said...

I'll bet not one of the protesting students has a clue to what the significance of flying Old Glory upside down means.

United States corporations just love all this hype. Now they will not have to outsource any further, the new work force will be legal residents.

When anyone complains why their only making minimum wages in the near future, they will be reminded of the 500,000 that protested last Saturday over the immigration issue.

It's nothing more than a smoke screen, to cut wages.

Anonymous said...

Hummmmm..... you said,

"I have had one of my children walk off campus last year, and I was threatened with a fine and jail time by school officials if it occurred again. I say fine all school administrators if they cannot control the children in their charge as well."


1. Did you give the school officials the authority to discipline your "child" in your absence?

2. What means of discipline did you authorize them to use on your "child" in your absence?

Given the world we live in today I wouldn't do anything to your "child" either, without your prior approval.

It's a shame that it has come to that but, it wasn't always that way.... think about when you were in school, it was a little different wasn't it.

Did your parents ever say to you "you got what you deserved" in response to your complaining about being disciplined by the school officials for something that you had done. Mine sure did!

I learned rather quickly what side my parents were on when it came to the consequences of my behavior, and that school was no different than home!

Ed Padgett said...

I have been lucky, my child has not left school again since the incident last year.

After speaking with the principle, I made it clear corporal punishment would be allowed. But I was told, the schools no longer use this form of punishment. Why?

Yes, when I attended school (Class of 1971) we were given swats when we crossed the line, with a wooden paddle, that had many holes in it for gaining one's attention.

Being a recipient of swats myself, I can say it straightened me out.

Thank you for writing,

Anonymous said...

Yes...... swats worked for me too.

What other forms of discipline was the school allowed to use?

Where you unique in your approach to the situation or were other parents with you? I suspect that you were pretty much by yourself.

Ed Padgett said...

The sad part of the situation was, the other girl's mother lied to the school, when contacted about her daughter's absence from school.

When I was contacted, I told the truth, my daughter was not away from school with my permission.

The schools in San Dimas (Bonita School District) use suspension as their choice of punishment. I disagree with this concept, I feel the children should pick up trash after school, from around the school grounds.

Bluesangel 921 said...

Regarding discipline in schools, I think it's absurd to suspend a child for ditching school. It's a little like giving them a six-pack for having one beer! I agree that picking up trash around the school grounds, helping teachers clean up classrooms, removing graffiti from walls or even helping clean the restrooms would be a better punishment. However, I firmly believe that PARENTS should also impose some form of punishment at home. Kids have to learn responsibility for themselves and it is a parent's job to teach them that lesson. Restriction from activities, using the computer only for homework, not allowing them to play video games, taking away their cell phones until behavior improves have all worked for my kids (10 and 13 years old). Loss of privileges and making them earn them back is a valuable lesson and one that worked for my adult (30 and 23 years old) children as well.