Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Employment Opportunities

Ed: The enclosed email was sent by an electrician who recently took a severance package from Oly. It is a possible employment opportunity for pressmen, you might want to post it on your site.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: Employment Opportunities with JDS Uniphase Corporation March 29, 2006

Dear Sir/ Madam: Greetings to all.

And with due respect - Anybody can help me out torecommend or refer to DAVID SCARDIFIED, Recruitment Consultant of JDSUniphase Corporation who is currently looking for applicants and/or laidoff employees who might be interested to join LA Label, A JDSU Company Located at 6141 Sheila Street, City of Commerce, CA 90040.

According to him, the following open position are as follows:
- Quality Technician - Press Operators
- Slitters - Finishers - And, etc.

Accordingly, he wants to know if LA Times use an outplacement firm for people affected in the recent layoff (wherein I am one of them!) so thathe could post the Press Operator position with them. Mr. Scardified direct Tel Number is: 707/525-7162. You may also send your inquiry or e-mail him at: david.scardifield@jdsu.com

Let's help our fellow laid off workers who are interested for new opportunities. Your input in these matter is highly appreciated. And, looking forward to hearing from your end soon.

Thank you so much for everything and best regards to all.

Sincerely, Signed:BALUMUL A. GUIAMELON
Ex-LA TIMES Electro-Tech

Thank You Ron Bagwell

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