Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Posted from Cozumel, Mexico

Greetings friends,

We have some cooler weather today with a small breeze, and it's very welcome.

The children are beat and I as well need to take it easy today, maybe I'll watch all the beautiful woman from the boardwalk and read a book.

Rented a jeep yesterday and drove around the island, the sea side of the island has waves, but the water is very dangerous from the currents and coral and swimming is not recommended. We stopped at several little watering holes, and my son and grandson really enjoyed the view, the women were topless. I naturally only took in the natual beauty of the ocean. NOT!

Now that I have found an Internet Cafe near my hotel I may log on a bit more, just to relax.

Heard our new boss will be announced today, all I can say, he was our boss in the past.

Take care,


Kanani said...

Glad you're having a good time.
How's the food, Ed?
Sounds like the kids are enjoying themselves. Are there lots of crowds, being spring break?
How has the hurricane affected the local economy, from what you can tell?

Ed Padgett said...

Hi Kanani,

The crowds are smaller than expected and the rebuilding process is ongoing 24 seven.

Kids are getting tired, yet still have enough energy to travel to Cancun this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Almost 4 months without a pressroom manager? Now that is a great showing of leadership and decisivness on our illustrious leader's parts,now isn't it? No wonder The Times continues to drag The Trib and it's stock price down. What a barrel of monkeys!

The Rat