Thursday, May 18, 2006

Uploading Images Working Again

Yes, I was finally able to upload a picture today, this is a picture of Jeff Johnson, publisher of the Los Angeles Times. Hopefully I will be able to capture some better photographs at the townhall meeting being held at Oly today. I was informed by a co-worker that pictures can not be taken during the meeting, I was not aware of this rule, so my camera will be working during the meeting.

It's funny how we all see things differently. I was chatting with my crew members yesterday about how I felt Wednesday's are the hardest day of the week for me. Pulling in the tabloid section, with a four page balloon (a balloon is a section of a newspaper), finding the right amount of pull to keep the tabloid section from running shortheads, and not breaking out the four page balloon is a real balancing act.

But my second colorman (called an inker now) felt Thursday's were the hardest day for him. My tensionman had a completely different outlook, he said Friday's were his hardest day at the newspaper.

Appears things are different for each person at the newspaper.

Enjoy your day,

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