Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another Exciting Week Comes to an End

I'm happy to say, Thank God this week has come to an end, it was full of surprises.

This is the view of the Los Angeles Times Olympic Facility, and if you commute via the Santa Monica Freeway, this is what you can see. I have offered to hose down this portion of the building, but after venturing up to the roof, I discovered why the men that once cleaned the building used the cherry picker to access the sides of the building. The ledge of the roof is rather wide, and one would have to actually hang over the side to washdown the side of the building.

Read an interesting story regarding censorship in the Los Angeles Times Newsroom, appears Kevin Roderick's blog is blocked by Adsense, I wonder why his site is blocked? Here at the Olympic Facility the computers have CyberSitter blocking most sites, and when I would attempt to access LAObserved, I would see a his page for a nano second then the familiar "Server not found" message.

I was always under the assumption the computers or outdated versions of Internet Explorer was the cause, but my assumptions were wrong.

I guess I should feel lucky, my blog and web page have not been blocked, I get many visitors from Tribune West (Times Mirror Square) and Tribune Towers. Apparently, many depend on the grapevine for breaking news as I do.

Every year I attend the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl, but this year I did not plan on attending. Just this week two tickets fell into my hands, so I will be attending today. The show starts at 2:30pm, but with this heat wave, I'm not even leaving for the concert till 3:00pm.

I returned to work yesterday, and did not feel any stress whatsoever, just worried about my daughter Joanna at this point.

So the Man-Roland unit stopped my press twice, two pasters were lost on the unit, we completed our run very late, and even worked thirty minutes of overtime. My crew and I did everything we could to keep the press running, with electrician's on hand for several hours.

I cannot worry about things out of my control.

Enjoy your day,


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