Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have just returned from San Dimas Cummunity Hospital where my daughter Joanna was taken at nine this morning. I could not wake her up, no matter what I tried, and fearing she had taken a drug of some type called 911.

In the emergency room the doctor told me she had consumed alcohol, but would do further tests for drugs.

She was three times the legal limit of being considered under the influence of alcohol.

I have searched our house for empty alcohol containers without finding the proof, so I'm assuming she slipped out of the house sometime in the early hours, because after doing a bed check at one in the morning, she was in her bed asleep this morning.

Cigna Health Care of California has been great, we will have her in treatment within forty-eight hours.

The Los Angeles Times was also very helpful, giving me the day off, with no questions asked.

It's not easy talking about this right now, but I'm sure some good advice and information will come my way because of it.

This situation makes what's happening at the newspaper seem like a cake walk.



RB said...

Good advice and information WILL come your way. The trick is: Accepting it and taking heed. Also, opening up and talking about things with someone you trust might not be a bad idea.

Hang in there, Eddie:-) My thoughts are with you and yours.


Jess Espinoza said...

Keep your chin up, Eddie, kids can be more than a handful at times. Perhaps this will open your daughter's eyes to the perils of substance abuse. Give me a call if you need anything.

Kanani said...

I'm so sorry!
I think we've all been through hell and high water with our kids. Now that she's taken this step, a lot of people and information will come to you. In a way, the circle is getting wider, and you just have to accept the help and encourage her to do the same.
(Which isn't easy for a teen, but hopefully she will have scared even herself.

Debra Padgett said...

I am so saddened by this because Joei is so very dear to me...she was my strength during some very rough times for us. I told Cory and she broke from the did I. She is and will forever be my other little girl....I want to take her pain away so very badly.

We love and miss her very much..

Debli and Colyblaid