Friday, July 21, 2006

Thank you Wayne

This afternoon after fine tuning my printing press I headed to Cafe Oly to fill my belly with something to eat. While my meal was being prepared, I walked out to the patio to have a smoke and water the plants.

While enjoying my cigarette and watching the spinklers deliver life to the plants, I heard some voices below me, was it English or was it Spanish? Sounded like Spanglish to me. It was Wayne (Russ Newton) telling two men where to place the water from the hose next.

Alas I had left my camera on the printing press and can not share this sight with you tonight.

I'm happy to see Russ jumping on the bandwagon with Billy Roundtree and myself to improve the appearance of our plant. And as one writer stated, this will not improve Tribune profits, but it will surely improve Tribune morale at Oly.

There will be no posting on Saturday, I will be attending the Old Pasadena Jazz Festival, in Arcadia. Wonder why it's not called the Arcadia Jazz Festival? Let's hope the humidity doesn't make it too unbearable tomorrow.

On Monday night I will post before and after pictures of the Oly Plant, the new gardeners have been hard at work for five days now, as you will see on Monday.

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks again Russ.



Anonymous said...

"Thank you Wayne"????

I'm confused????

What does the Director of Operations for The Olympic Plant do??????????

Anonymous said...

ED I find your words very interesting ( can not improve their profits )but they are making profits ( isnt that what they are suppose to do ..?? business wise) you should have said ( not AS much profits as years past...something too that extent )