Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Week Ends

This has been a rather exciting week at the Olympic Facility, but it has ended for my crew and myself. We are one of two crews with Saturday and Sunday off.

We are experimenting with a new type of newsprint, that is something like wax paper, with printed advertising that overlays another ad in full color, that will generate much needed additional revenue in the coming months.

I spoke with Greg Malcolm regarding the new security officer, and he said he was hired on a temporary basis, till new security officers are hired by the newspaper.

Ronnie Pineda was spotted in the Olympic parking lot handing out flyers or pledge cards, he had left the property before I arrived, so I'm unsure of what he was passing out?

Kevin Roderick, of LAObserved fame and former Los Angeles Times writer, gave mention of my blog today, thank you Kevin.

The barbecue today at Oly was GREAT! I would like to thank all the servers and those responsible for the free food and drinks.

On the home front; I hired several men I met at the local gas station to trim my palm trees, they called for directions to my house, yet never showed up. So I pulled my aluminum ladder out of the garage and trimmed the trees myself, saving $100.00 in the process. I wonder if they drove by my house and decided the price was too low?

This is the first weekend I'm not working overtime at the newspaper, but I have plenty of work at home to keep me busy. After completing my list of things to do in the morning I will take a drive to the beach with my daughter Joanna in tow.

Stay positive,

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