Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday Night at the Pasadena Ice House

After work last night I made it over to the Pasadena Ice House once again, and who do I run into? Ernie Hernandez, former Los Angeles Times security officer.

I joined Ernie and his party inside the club, and was shocked to hear the circumstances that lead to his resignation from the newspaper.

Ernie always greeted employees with a smile, and is a soft spoken man, ready to lend a hand to whom ever needed assistance.

This is the reason I always have my digital camera at hand, never know whom you may run into.

Good luck Ernie.


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Anonymous said...

It was a schocking surprise about Ernie Hernandez resigning from the Times. I knew Ernie, he was a fine and dedicated security officer. I'm not surprised about being frustrated by senior management of Security Services. Ernie and Syed Akbar along with Gina had kept things safe during the dayshift. Seems like the Tribune cronies would like nothing better than to get rid of in house security officers certainly since I was last there in 2003 just as the Chandlers did during 1994 when the Security department dumped the S/O's but had kept the sergeants and hired Guardsmark during that time. In my case I amoung the first S/O's working for Guardsmark at Sunflower Plant as you may remember those years. Ernie I believe was a Marine veteran if I'm not mistaken. The security officer whom I hated to see go was Gina Gehnert whom was in swings until I was hired in 2002. She is the daughter of Bruce Vaughn one of the mechanics at Sunflower plant whom I've bought an office desk from him in 1994 (still have it) that I use for my computer. She's a fine young lady raising 2 two kids of her own. She kept the ladies safe while at Oly. Another thing about being in security, HR under Tribune's direction frowns upon security officers from transferring to another department for some reason or another, which is why I couldn't transfer to newsprint handling. Anyhow, better days.
Keep up the faith and the good work!
Bob Wright