Monday, September 04, 2006

Crikey! I Can See The Blog!!!

And you're all such BEEEYOOOTEEEES!
My new blog entry is up. You can see it here on Easy-Writer. It's about Steve Irwin.
Funny how this blog started because of an obituary. Think they could use me at the Times? Anyone here want me to write your pre-obituary. Really, you could just kind of save it. We could make things up, or tell the truth. Though I think if we told the truth, I'd have to charge more. After all, it might be kind of dull and there isn't a point of paying me big bucks if you're not going to let me write about that time you graciously gave Doris Day/Mitzi Gaynor/ Bono/ Sonny and Cher a big chance at the limelight while you decided that working the presses at the Times was more philosophically rewarding. I mean, you have to let me write about your collection of teapots from celebrities and world diplomats. So let me know. The line starts to the right. I am waiting. Just call me Miss Pink.

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