Sunday, September 24, 2006

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Murder! Terror! Customer Service!
Maybe it's just me, and maybe I'm overreacting, but I think the Tribune Company of Chicago has just driven the coffin-nail home in the case for its being an unfit owner of the Los Angeles Times.

Upheaval at the Tribune Company
On Thursday evening in Chicago, the board of the Tribune Company voted unanimously to restructure two partnerships that may lead the way for a possible sale or breakup of the company. The decision comes on the heels of a protracted dispute between shareholders and the editorial side of two of the company’s most high-profile assets: the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.

Tribune Co. Joins Reversal of Media Consolidation
The nascent but distinct and ongoing reversal of the corporate consolidation of the U.S. media received another boost yesterday with the Tribune Co.'s announcement that it is willing to sell any or all of its 11 newspapers and 25 television stations.

Board Signals Major Changes For Tribune Co.
Tribune Co., under pressure from shareholders to boost its stock price, is signaling it may sell, break up or take private the company that owns the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, television stations and the Chicago Cubs.The company is targeting potentially transforming changes by the end of the year following a five-hour meeting of its board of directors on Thursday.

Advice to Tribune Co.: Keep Chicago, Dump the Rest
With the Tribune Co. edging closer to a possible breakup or sale, one veteran analyst said the company's best bet is to keep its dominant Chicago holdings and sell everything else.

Start the cuts at the LA Times at the top
The Tribune Company is under pressure to sell its largest paper, the Los Angeles Times, as you’ve read here and in the business press. The major trouble was coming from the Chandler family, the former owner of the and one of the company’s largest share holders in the stock and cash deal.

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