Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tribune in the News

Tribune Co. to end mag for baby boomers
Little more than a year after its launch, Tribune Co.’s free magazine for upscale Chicago-area baby boomers will cease publication, said John Twohey, vice-president of editorial and operations at Tribune Media Services, publisher of Satisfaction.

Tribune Co. stock slips on overhaul uncertainty
(AP) — Shares of Tribune Co. slipped Monday as the media company faces uncertainty over plans to overhaul itself by the end of the year.
Last week Tribune directors said they were looking at various options, including a sale, breakup or buyout, to help satisfy shareholders after a three-year stock slide.

Tribune Still Faces Unrest at L.A. Times
Tribune Co. took a big step toward easing shareholder anger this week when it opened the door to a broad restructuring of the company, but it still faces unrest at its biggest and most important property _ the Los Angeles Times.
The publisher and editor at the newspaper, the fourth largest in the country, have so far pulled off what few would dare attempt: A public refusal to implement corporate-mandated cost cuts. So far, they haven't been fired.

Change in this year's EPS estimate
The current fiscal year consensus EPS estimate for this stock has changed from 2.01 to 2.00.

Change in next year's EPS estimate
The next fiscal year consensus EPS estimate for this stock has changed from 2.22 to 2.21.

TRB trades on unusually high volume
This stock has experienced unusually high trading volume of 3,598,000 shares today; its average daily volume over the previous 30 days was 1,763,577 shares.

The Media World Is In Convulsions
What the hell is going on in the media world?
A: Put simply, the media are going through convulsions A lot of the headlines these days make very little sense to me.

Tribune Empire Could Crumble
Imagine buying the most expensive house on a good-looking block that appears to be on the upswing. Within three years, the neighborhood craters, your oldest kid starts backtalking and your spouse pesters you to sell the house and get out. Meanwhile, you're stuck with a fat mortgage.

Postpress best hope for newspapers' future?
As newspapers continue to search for ways to forge new revenue streams, distribution and packaging are attracting a lot of interest by publishers and production executives.
“Mailrooms are being turned upside down,” said Bill Bolger, vice president of production at The Indianapolis Star, at Inland Press Association’s press and mailroom seminar.
Twin forces of burgeoning insert volume, combined with more stringent verification of insert performance by the Audit Bureau of Circulations, are forcing a sea of change in mailroom operation.

Tribune CEO Asked To Maintain Quality At Baltimore Sun
BALTIMORE (AP)--Members of the union that represents newsroom staff of The ( Baltimore) Sun asked Tribune Co.'s (TRB) CEO Dennis J. FitzSimons on Tuesday to either make sure the newspaper gets the resources it needs to maintain quality or "sell The Sun to someone who will."
FitzSimons attended a forum in Baltimore with members of the newspaper's staff to talk about possible changes amid plans for the company to overhaul itself by year's end.

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