Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Links of Interesting Blogs

Outbound Links from Los Angeles Times Pressmen's Twenty Year Club

1947 Project
Many interesting stories from Los Angeles of the past.

Blogging LA
With over twenty-one writers there is always fresh information on things happening in Los Angeles, with bike rides every month.

Boi from Troy
Openly gay site with many articles on USC sports and other stories about politics.

Denim Day
This is dedicated to our patients, to the many healthcare professionals who help us take care of them and to patients we haven't met yet.

Easy Writer
Kanani Fong is a writer with a day job as an administrator for a small surgery clinic.

Oddball news stories that really appear in the media.

LA City Nerd
Art and entertainment in the greater Los Angeles area.

Former Los Angeles Times writer Kevin Roderick not only keeps us up to date about news in Los Angeles, but also watches the Los Angeles Times.

Real stories of crime from the Los Angeles Police Department.

LA Voice
All about Los Angeles and events in the city.

Michelle Malkin
Very popular blog around the world on subjects many will not touch.

About the life and times of an American teaching Englis in Taiwan.

Santa Barbara SFP
From the newspaper north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara Star Free-Press.

Save Our Trade
Blog for people interested in the union movement at the Los Angeles Times.

Take Back the Times
Hosted by former Times writer Ken Reich, and how he feels the Los Angeles Times would be better run under local ownership.

Twenty Year Club
Club for the men and women of the Los Angeles Times Pressrooms.

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