Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Online or Offline News

What is the mystic that the Internet holds for many of us online denizens?

Could it be the short news stories, with links to the complete articles, or the fact that no trash is created once the hard copy newspaper is read and has to be thrown away.

Another important reason some turn to online news verses print versions is how the readers can respond immediately to an article. Try writing a letter to the editor and you'll see your letter will most likely never be published.

Earlier this year I was a subscriber to four newspapers, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, The San Gabriel Valley Tribune, LA Weekly, and the Los Angeles Times. I dropped the Bulletin a few months ago, and as I sit on my bill from the Tribune I'm considering letting this publication go as well. My Los Angeles Times is generally given away or brought to work, but I'll continue subscribing to the Times as long as I'm employed at the newspaper.

What can the Los Angeles Times do to attract more readers, and keep the readers they already have? If someone has the answer to this question, I'm sure the Tribune is listening.

While we wait for the solutions I have a few suggestions. Why not stuff the Thursday Los Angeles Times with the Recyler ( a free publication owned by the Tribune), have Times circulation representatives at city activities around Los Angeles County with free magnet calendars, to keep readers attention all year.

I'm sure many of my co-workers at the newspaper have some great ideas on increasing circulation, why not tap into the minds of Times employees as a way to find solutions to decreasing readership, allowing the Times workers to help themselves.


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