Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hiller's use of 'Hispanic'

By Kevin Roderick

I should have noted this yesterday, but when rookie Los Angeles Times publisher David Hiller announced a new emphasis on "serving our Hispanic audience" he defied his paper's 25-year preference for the term Latino. Perhaps it betrays his Chicago roots or his newness to the job, though to be fair many of his reporters belong to the National Association of Hispanic Journalists. Anyway, after the U.S. Census Bureau began using Hispanic based on dubious grounds, the Times in 1981 adopted Latino — though its basis is not much more persuasive. The late Times columnist and editorial writer Frank del Olmo helped make the case then and explained the debate in 2001:

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Anonymous said...

Latinos in these day in age within the pressroom are by my opinion and some of my peers looked at 2nd class workers in the Company.