Sunday, November 12, 2006

Los Angeles Times Heart and Soul

Last Friday afternoon I received a phone call from the Square regarding five employees losing their jobs at the newspaper, and promptly posted a short message on this blog stating the facts at hand. Later that night I was in communication with one of our vice-presidents at the newspaper, explaining that five people were let go, but the terms used seem to make the employees non-people. This does not make the terminations easier to accept by employees; maybe it makes it easier for management to deal with.

Management at the Los Angeles Times may not be impressed with the information I supply to my colleagues at the newspaper, but someone needs to keep the blue collar workers informed of what’s occurring at the newspaper.

The editorial Department at the Times knows terminations are heading their way after the first of the year, as can be seen in subtle messages in many of the Times articles I have read. Seven weeks to prepare to leave your job is better than the thirty minutes notice many receive, when given pink slips.

I have posted eight pictures below of the men and women that produce the Los Angeles Times daily, they are real people with families, not positions that need to be restructured and eliminated.

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Anonymous said...

speaking about the heart and soul tribunecrats running human resourses department. over the past few years, I've left my resume for various positions with the times such as working in the mailroom or paper roll handlers. yet, hr has not have to heart to not only emailing me about the positions or my resume but even when i leave voicemail messages that have yet to be returned. what is that? maybe they're cow___s or something?
bob wright