Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What's New at the LAT

Appears I misunderstood a conversation regarding the creation of a web page or blog to counter the union movement at the two Los Angeles Times pressrooms. During the last union campaign, the newspaper had a web page with information on unions, and why they are a bad idea for the pressrooms.

The Video blogger I mentioned yesterday is still going through the channels at the square, before being allowed to film at the Olympic Production Facility for publication on Native Intelligence.

The IT (Information Technology) Department suffered no layoffs last week, instead of having many IT Departments; they have been consolidated into one department.

I will be attending the Times 125th Anniversary Party on December 4th with camera in hand, all Times, TCN, CCN, and Recycler employees are invited.

Rumors of the sale of the Los Angeles Times are premature; nothing regarding a sale has been leaked to the media or bloggers yet. One fellow employee told me “I heard on the news the newspaper has been sold”, so I requested a little information, like where did he hear this news? He could not recall, so I figure this was an attempt to start a rumor and nothing more.

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Anonymous said...

"all Times, TCN, CCN, and Recycler employees are invited".....

It seems strange to me that those that have retired with 30, 35 & 40+ years with the company and are still alive, wouldn’t be invited? But then I guess what these folks accomplished, to make the Times what it was, isn’t viewed as an important part of the 125 year history of the newspaper.