Monday, December 18, 2006

I'm Back

Where did the weekend go? I spent many hours working at the newspaper Saturday and Sunday, and was too tired to play with the Internet or blog. After completing my Friday night shift, I returned to the pressroom Saturday morning at 5:00am, as many of my co-workers did, and left the Olympic Facility at one in the afternoon.

Saturday night I started another shift at 8:30pm, and worked through till 1:00pm Sunday afternoon, and jumped straight into bed when I made it home. Slept two hours, before getting up to have dinner. I really woke up because someone placed the heater at ninety degrees, and since my bedroom is on the second story, it was too hot to sleep. After turning down the heat to seventy degrees I opened my bedroom windows for about a half hour, bringing the temperature down to the seventy-degree range, and returned to bed to sleep ten hours.

I’m getting too old to work so many hours, not sure if I will agree to working so much in the future. But I’m back for your entertainment.


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