Friday, December 29, 2006

Message From David Hiller to Pressroom Employees

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David D. Hiller
Publisher, President &
Chief Executive Officer

Dear Ed:

I want to take just a few minutes of your time this holiday week to talk to you about an important issue. Next week you must make a decision that will affect you and your family's future: whether to vote for or against the Union.

You know that The Times strongly opposes the Union because we believe that having a
union would simply make things more difficult for all of us. But we respect that this
decision is yours and yours alone to make

Throughout this campaign we have attempted to provide you the facts so you can make
an informed decision. Consistent with this approach we are enclosing a DVD with
some facts about the Union and what it could mean for you. (If you don't have a DVD
player, we can provide you with a VHS tape - just ask any pressroom supervisor or

Some of the things on the DVD you may have heard before, things like the Union's
record in elections and at the bargaining table across the country and, importantly, here in California. But we also talk about the possible sale of the newspaper and what having the Union could mean.

We hope that after considering the facts you will once again (for a sixth time) reject the Union. But regardless of how you feel, we urge everyone to vote. This is too important an issue to leave up to others and we hope that if you are on vacation or otherwise off work during the election you will make the extra effort to come in and vote. I have enclosed a reminder of the voting schedule and locations in both plants. You can find all the election information at The Times' website
I want to conclude by wishing you and your family a healthy and happy New Year.



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