Monday, December 18, 2006

Message from Mark Kurtich

Much ruckus has been made over the decision to exclude certain employees from last week’s meetings at which the Union was discussed. I made this decision because I am convinced that a few people have closed their mind to anything management has to say.

The meetings we hold are intended to give all employees the facts supported by verifiable evidence. We always provide the information because we want you to make the most informed decision possible.

We post this information on our website ( where everyone, including the Union, can see it. The Union’s supporters know what we are saying and are free to attempt to rebut it with facts. (They never do, of course; they simply label anything management says as “lies and propaganda.”)

Please feel free to speak with your supervisor if you have any questions about this situation. If you prefer to discuss this further with me, please feel free to let your supervisor know or see me during the upcoming visits to your facility later this week.

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