Thursday, December 28, 2006

Newspaper News

Can The Washington Times Survive?
The Washington Times gets picked up every day on C-SPAN, and by other major news organizations when it scores a big hit. But for a paper that only has a daily circulation of just 90,000 with inflated numbers, can that marvelous respectability continue?

I don't need to read 11 million Blogs
But while I hook up my laptop just about anywhere, IM my buddies and continually check my buzzing BlackBerry, one thing is missing: what I call Ed Sullivan moments.

Sun-Times to end TV Prevue in '07
The Chicago Sun-Times will cease publishing TV Prevue in the new year.
The decision comes as information on TV programming is becoming much more readily available in the daily newspaper, on the Internet and on the TV screen itself.

Private group buys Star Tribune
The McClatchy Co. capped a year of dramatic changes in the newspaper industry Tuesday by announcing the surprise sale of the Star Tribune, its largest newspaper, to a private investment group.

Google Set To Expand Newspaper Ad Program
For some of the nation's newspapers, Google's offer was too good to pass up. This fall, the search-engine company proposed to show how it could help newspapers sell print advertising to the hundreds of thousands of small merchants who buy Internet ads from Google. Advertisers would go online and bid on the excess ad inventory of daily newspapers, giving them a much-needed revenue boost.

Rick Wartzman leaving Times
The editor of West magazine told his staff today that he has given notice to become a senior fellow at New America Foundation. But he will continue to write for the LAT on a contract basis as a once-a-week business columnist.

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