Sunday, December 31, 2006

Those that left us in 2006 - February


Al Lewis, 82. Grandpa on "The Munsters." Feb. 3.

Betty Friedan, 85. Her "The Feminine Mystique" helped shatter the cozy suburban ideal in postwar America. Feb. 4.

George T. Davis, 98. Storied San Francisco lawyer; involved in Nuremberg trials. Feb. 4.Reuven Frank, 85. Former NBC News president. Feb. 5.

Sir Freddie Laker, 83. British entrepreneur; changed air travel with low-cost Skytrain service. Feb. 9.

Dr. Norman Shumway, 83. Performed first successful heart transplant in U.S. Feb. 10.

Curt Gowdy, 86. Sportscaster; called 13 World Series and 16 All-Star games, first Super Bowl. Feb. 20.

Archbishop Paul C. Marcinkus, 84. Top official at Vatican's bank before scandal ended his tenure. Feb. 20.

Donald Herbert, 44. A brain-injured firefighter who suddenly spoke after nearly a decade of silence. Feb. 21. Suspected heart attack.

Dennis Weaver, 81. Chester on "Gunsmoke" and the cowboy cop hero in "McCloud." Feb. 24.

Don Knotts, 81. Won five Emmys for playing the bumbling Barney Fife on "The Andy Griffith Show." Feb. 24.

Darren McGavin, 83. Tough-talking actor; was grouchy dad in "A Christmas Story." Feb. 25.

Henry M. Morris, 87. Influential advocate of the creationist theory ("The Genesis Flood.") Feb. 25.

Otis Chandler, 78. Turned family-owned Los Angeles Times into one of the nation's most distinguished newspapers. Feb. 27.

Retired Brig. Gen. Robert L. Scott, 97. World War II ace, wrote "God Is My Co-Pilot." Feb. 27.

Owen Chamberlain, 85. Shared 1959 Nobel in physics as co-discoverer of the antiproton. Feb. 28.

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