Sunday, December 31, 2006

Those that left us in 2006 - July


Ryutaro Hashimoto, 68. Former Japanese prime minister who helped ease tensions over U.S. military bases in Japan. July 1.

Jan Murray, 89. Comic who tickled fans of the 1950s game show "Treasure Hunt." July 2.

Kenneth Lay, 64. Enron founder who tumbled into disgrace. July 5.

Ralph Ginzburg, 76. Magazine publisher at the center of two First Amendment battles. July 6.

Frank Zeidler, 93. Milwaukee's socialist mayor, 1948-60. July 7.

Syd Barrett, 60. Co-founder of Pink Floyd ("The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.") July 7.

June Allyson, 88. Hollywood movies'"perfect wife." July 8.

Shamil Basayev, 41. Chechnya warlord, claimed responsibility for deadly Russian school siege. Announced July 10. Allegedly killed by Russian forces.

Barnard Hughes, 90. Actor; won Tony for portrayal of curmudgeonly title character in "Da." July 11.

Red Buttons, 87. Actor-comedian; won Oscar for a dramatic turn in "Sayonara." July 13.

Robert Brooks, 69. Chairman of Hooters of America, restaurant chain famed for scantily clad waitresses. July 16.

Mickey Spillane, 88. Macho mystery writer who wowed millions of readers. July 17.

Robert Mardian, 82. Attorney for Nixon re-election committee; conviction in Watergate scandal was overturned. July 17.

Jack Warden, 85. Emmy-winning, Oscar-nominated actor. ("Heaven Can Wait.") July 19.

Ta Mok, about 80. Known as "The Butcher" for his brutality with Cambodia's communist Khmer Rouge. July 21.

James E. West, 55. Former Spokane, Wash., mayor; ousted after an Internet sex scandal. July 22. Cancer.

Frederick Mosteller, 89. Statistician who influenced public policy. July 23.

Thurl Metzger, 90. Leader of Heifer International, which provides livestock to the poor. July 26.

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