Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Morning Shorts

The "lone nut" theory of the American newspaper assassination
As regular readers know, I'm a fan of some conspiracy theories. And so really, what could be a more compelling conspiracy theory than the plot to destroy the American newspaper, hatched -- in our imagination anyway -- by a secret cabal of bloggers and Web gurus meeting in a diner off Calle Ocho in Miami, then launching their assault on circulation from a Grassy Knoll somewhere in cyberspace?

AP cameraman killed by Iraq insurgents
BAGHDAD, Iraq -- A television cameraman working for The Associated Press was shot to death by insurgents while covering clashes Tuesday in the northern city of Mosul, police said.

Post-Gazette workers rally for support
More than 100 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette union members lined the Boulevard of the Allies yesterday, holding signs such as "No News is Bad News" and "Journalism = Democracy" as they rallied to drum up support for contract talks and to draw attention to the industry's thinning ranks.

Majority of newspapers' unions ratify contracts
The union workers were offered a package that included a $750 cash payment in September 2007, another $750 payment in January 2008, and a $25-a-week raise in the contract's third year. Some unions also agreed to changes that would allow staffing and payroll reductions.

Talk Radio's New Competition: Interactive, Live 'Blog' Podcasts
Move over, Howard Stern and Dr. Laura. There's a new talk radio star in town — the Internet blogger.

More than 100 Newsday reporters and editors signed a letter of protest blasting Tribune boss Dennis FitzSimons for widespread cuts that have sliced about one-third of the paper's editorial staff over the past three years.

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