Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Left in the Dark at Work

If your wondering why I post messages from the movers and shakers at the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Company, its for the benefit of my fellow employees that do not have access to company emails.

Last week I reported a concern for the safety of the Olympic Facility, the plant could have been taken offline by a disgruntled person, and the lapse in security was closed almost immediately by Greg Malcolm, yet I’m not trusted with company email.

What is so secret with the company email system that long term employees, like myself, can not be trusted having access to important messages?

When the Times had a contest for Dodgers tickets, the majority of Operations Employees had no way of entering their names for the free tickets, how does this make the employees feel, left out.

The Spring Street Project requested input from Los Angeles Times Employees, yet, if you did not have an internal email address, you could not submit your ideas. We were given an email address to submit our ideas three days before the project ended, but by that time, the workers in the pressroom knew our input was not wanted.

If you run a search of the Tribune directory for myself (Edward Padgett) you will note I have no email address. I have attempted to edit using my personal email address without success.

Many of my co-workers have no clue whom David Hiller, James O’Shea, or Dennis FitzSimons could be, and I’m not mad at them. I have no clue whom the quarterbacks are for this Sunday’s Football game.

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