Monday, February 19, 2007

Election Hearing Update 02.17.07

A hearing on the Company’s Objections to the Election was commenced on Thursday and concluded on Friday. The matter now rests with the Hearing Officer who stated that a decision can be expected in approximately 30 days. She can either rule in favor of the Company and recommend a new election or she can recommend that the Union be certified. Whichever party loses can appeal the result to Washington, which will delay final resolution of this matter.

The matter is before the Hearing Officer because a number of employees came forward to testify about things they believe interfered with a clean and fair election. We know this was not easy and we appreciate their courage and forthright testimony. A number of employees also testified on behalf of the Union, as is their legally protected right, a right the Company respects.

As everyone awaits the Hearing Officer’s report, it is extremely important that the right to a harassment free workplace for all employees is recognized and respected by everyone on both sides of the election. Witnesses for both parties are entitled to their views and actions and must not be offended, harassed or discriminated against in any manner. It is a good time to be reacquainted with the company’s policy on workplace harassment in the Employee Handbook. Any charges of misconduct will be investigated quickly and thoroughly based on the Company’s policy. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.


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