Sunday, February 18, 2007

Google Your Name

One of my co-workers ran a Google search, using my name, and discovered some rather unflattering information on a site called Woman Savers about me, the information has since been removed.

I thought it was time to run a search of my name myself, and found some rather informative information, like the article on Fishbowl regarding my blog, and a certain story I wrote about the lack of information the pressroom employees have.

Run a Google search for your name and you may be shocked at what you find.


Kanani said...

There's something scarier yet.
Go to, and it will pull up EVERY place you've lived, you present place of residency plus your phone numbers.

You can write to them and request to be taken off of their site, which evereyone here should do.

Nubia said...

Thanks, Kanani,

I will definitely be following up on this. It's SCARY! Especially if a person lives alone.