Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kudo's to the San Dimas Post Office

I have to hand it to the San Dimas Post Office; somehow they delivered a piece of mail to my mailbox this week. Seems my friend omitted my last name and my address on the correspondence, he did supply the name of my street to the envelope.

With thirty or more homes on Alleghany Circle, am I the only Edward living on this street, I think not.

I will send a thank you note to the Post Master of the San Dimas Post Office, thanking his staff for pulling this off.


Bluesangel921 said...

How nice that the postal worker in your area took the time to deliver that letter. Unfortunately, I live on a "training route" so we get lots of mail that's not ours.

Ed Padgett said...

I failed to mention we also receive mail intended for our neighbors, and they have my mail delivered to their mailboxes, very often.

When mail arrives for my neighbors, I usually just walk it over, when I have no clue where the street could be located; the misguided mail is deposited at the post office for redelivery.