Friday, February 02, 2007

Since the launch of MyLATimes last week, I have visited the Los Angeles Times home page more often the past nine days than I have over the last fifteen years.

The Times home page reminded me of America Online, lots of information to go through before finding what you really want. I did not last long with AOL, since all I really wanted was Internet access, not bulletin boards and a heavy dose of advertising.

Tonight as I scrolled down the Times home page I was pleased to see the blogs listed in the second column, with a link to all the blogs the newspaper offers online. I’m no expert at navigating the web, but I do have two decades experience online. As I complained last week of not being able to locate the Steve Lopez Blog (Bottleneck), what are the new Internet users experiencing, besides frustration?

As the Times online edition evolves to a place users find easy to navigate, without popup advertising, many will select this as their homepage when they log onto the Internet.

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