Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Santa Barbara News-Press Mess

Before arriving to work today I stopped in at Skakey's Pizza to nominate a co-worker as the representative for the swing shift, and Marty Keegan was present to answer questions. I asked what was happening at the Santa Barbara News-Press, and Marty said he was headed to the Labor Board for a hearing today regarding the termination of employees.

Kevin Roderick has an interesting article, with links, to this odd affair to our north. This will certainly be interesting, especially for the men and women of the Los Angeles Times, that just voted in favor of having the Teamsters represent them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ed i did the same stopped at round table before work. To nominate myself and other coworkers.As i tried to nominate others they declined saying they were to busy.This was a surprise to some of us because these were some of our coworkers that are strong supporters of union.Not much participation on nomination.This could be a sign that the people that win and go to the negotiating team will be only pro-union people voted in by pro-union people.All i can do is hope for the best and go with the flow.Iam trying to jump on board very hard to do.We could end up with more or less or the same. Only time will tell.PS Ronnie please give more info on SOT you did a great job on SOT before the union was voted in.Please continue your hard work and agenda to bring us together.Thanks Rick Satterlee

Ed Padgett said...

Hi Rick,

I was expecting to see a much larger crowd of co-workers than were represented, but Tuesday is really a bad day for this type of meeting. With men and women living in Palmdale, Lancaster, and Victorville, it’s no surprise many could not make it.

But with the Labor Board hearings starting this Thursday, I understand the timing problem faced by the union.

Marty said the ballots would be in the mail in about two weeks, with surveys for each and every pressroom employee enclosed.