Thursday, April 12, 2007

Employment Opportunity

I am seeking individuals to forward one or more of the following papers twice a week to my attention. I will pay for the shipping and subscription; supply all shipping materials, including pre-paid/pre-printed FEDEX labels, and pay them a monthly stipend. This is an on-going project which has a life expectancy of approximately two years.

If you know of anyone interested, please have them give me a call on 1-800-743-9237 ext. 2154.

Modesto Bee - CA

Sacramento Bee - CA

Miami Herald - FL

El Nuevo Herald - FL

Lexington Herald Leader - KY

Kansas City Star - MO

Charlotte Observer - NC

Raleigh News & Observer - NC

Fort Worth Star Telegram - TX

Tacoma News Tribune - WA

Cleveland Plain Dealer - OH

Thanks a lot

Freddi E. Moody
Correspondence Supervisor
1122 A Executive Blvd
Chesapeake, VA 23320
757-363-9409 main line
757-363-0994 fax
757-548-5450 global fax

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