Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Festival of Books Ticket Needed

The Los Angeles Times twelfth annual Festival of Books will be held this weekend at UCLA, and I will be there as a volunteer for the third time. Because of an overwhelming response from Times employees and the public, I was informed I will not be needed this Saturday, only on Sunday, so enjoy the festival on Saturday I was told.

Here’s my problem; because I had planned to work the event both days I did not bother to get my hands on a ticket to any of the events, and there’s one event on Saturday I would like to attend, blogging and beyond.

If anyone has one extra ticket for this event please contact me,
Thank you in advance.

Edward 909.xxx.xxxx cell

Fowler Museum Lenart

PANEL 1061 10:30 AM New Media: Blogging & Beyond
Moderator Mr. RJ Smith
Mr. Hugh Hewitt
Ms. Jill Leovy
Mr. Kevin Roderick

UPDATE 9:34 p.m.
David Markland, City Captain/Author Metroblogging Los Angeles has come through with a ticket for me to Blogging & Beyond this Saturday. Thanks a million David, hope I can return the favor some day.


Kanani said...

Can't you just wear an LA Times shirt and GET IN?

How disappointing that they didn't need you. It's unimagineable given the scope of the event. I see that David Hiller is going to be on a panel. I'll bet I know what the topic will drift to!

Ed Padgett said...

That same thought ran through my mind, if all else failed I would have walked in with my Festival of Books Staff shirt.

David Markland has come to the rescue and offered me his extra ticket, YEAH!

I requested to be a driver this year, as have many others, so I was not needed for both days.

Hope you make it Saturday or Sunday, I will be there both days, and maybe even see David Hiller speak or drive for him.