Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tribune Employees Talk: Baltimore Sun to cut 50

Baltimore Sun to cut 50

The same package offered in LA and Chicago was laid out today in Baltimore, except that the program is subject to discussion with Guild leaders on behalf of those covered by the contract.

Take-it-or-leave-it packages don't automatically apply where workers are represented by a union. The Sun's 600+ Guild-represented employees have a voice through their elected leadership and if involuntary layoffs are needed, they will be subject to the terms and conditions of their collective bargaining agreement.


Anonymous said...

get it right, mr. padgett, the EVSP and the new ESOP don't apply to us at all. we will have to negotiate, trade away something that we now have, if we want to participate in these programs. the evsp is not a lay off, it's a buy out, and there are some press people who are interested in taking advantage of this program, but can't now that we are in a union.

Ed Padgett said...

You are absolutely correct Mr. Anonymous,

The pressroom employees do not have to participate in this poorly funded program, but if we do, we want two weeks pay for every year of service without the cap of fifty-two weeks of salary.

The Tribune has deep pockets, take a look at the thousands of shares of stock given to the executives in February, the $269,000,000 golden parachute the top ten executives will be given, and the bonuses thirty-eight Tribune executives receive when the sale is completed. (Dennis FitzSimons has opted out of the sale bonus)

I’m happy your angry, because many of us feel the same way, now to do something about it, together.

Anonymous said...

well said Ed Danny B

mike La Spina said...

maybe you will have to negotiate for it.Let's think this out,don't Zell need all this money to pay down debt .We at Newsday can negotiate for a very long.Maybe we get a better esop that would make the non-union people unhappy,And if we don't get the same as the non union WE WILL BE VERY UNHAPPY,get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think Mr. Zell has 12 billion reasons to make everyone happy