Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Google Blogs Alerts

Many online users ask how to stay abreast of news in a timely manner, but simply do not have the time or patience to search the web for the information they are seeking.

My solution,
Google alerts. A Google alert will direct the user to the links you have entered in your query, click on the Google icon and enter your search query, with quote marks. Example: “Tribune Company”. You will receive an email every time Tribune Company is mentioned in an article, but if you omit the quote marks, you will fill your in-box with messages every time company is mentioned or when Tribune is mentioned.

After clicking on search you are given the results, on this page you will locate the blog alerts at the left hand side of the page, it has an email icon of a letter. Click on this icon and Google will send a message to you, which you must reply to by clicking on the link; this verifies you have requested to add this alert.

To opt out of an alert, follow the instructions within every alert that arrives.

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