Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How do I Subscribe to O.C. Weekly Hardcopy?

Most of us are aware of the circulation woes at newspapers across North America, and I continue reading that the newspaper media’s downward trend has not bottomed out yet. So as a consumer of newspapers, like yourself, you would think all newspapers would jump at gaining a new subscriber, not so.

Ten or eleven days ago I sent an email to the Orange County Weekly, requesting a mail subscription to their fine weekly newspaper, apparently my email never arrived. So on Monday morning (June 11, 2007) a second email request was sent, with all the same information included, my name, address, and three phone numbers I could be contacted through.

My inbox is still missing a response from the Orange County Weekly, I take it their circulation must either be where they want it, or the person in charge of circulation is computer illiterate?

Once I located the circulation page, I hit the link for subscribing to the newspaper, and was sent to the home page. So I backtracked with the back key and clicked on circulation, which sends a message to the Webmaster with the subject line, circulation request.

Tomorrow morning I plan to go through the phone routine and attempt to become a new subscriber the old way, wish me luck.

UPDATE: The number listed on their website (714.550.5900) is incorrect for subscriptions, call 800.405.2123 to subscribe. The rates aren't bad, $52.00 for one year via snail-mail. Send your check or money order to: O.C. Weekly Subscriptions, P.O. Box 5720, Glendale, CA. 91221.

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