Friday, June 08, 2007

LA Cowboy: Can The LA Times Be Saved?

LA Cowboy: Can The LA Times Be Saved?

That was the question posed at Tuesday night’s ZOCALO panel discussion – and the answer seemed to be – mostly, yes… if one listened to those work for the… LA Times.

And I tended to agree with them.

As for the members of the audience listening to the panel being able to be ‘saved’, I am far less optimistic.

The first thing I learned was that moderator, Kit Rachlis, Editor-in-Chief of Los Angeles Magazine has a quick and brilliant mind and that stand-up comedy lost a major star when he lowered his standards and went into journalism. He was a superb moderator and managed to out Satan, Satan himself when it came to being a Devil’s Advocate. Almost gleefully, he described the doomed financial model of the contemporary newspaper with his favored phrase being… death spiral... to describe the dramatic drops in both circulation and revenues affecting virtually all major newspapers.

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