Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Family Friendly Tribune Company Threatens To Leave Employees Dependents In The Cold

By Mayrav Saar

The Tribune, via consultant Mercer, sent an audit to LAT employees asking them to send verification that the people listed as dependents for benefits really are dependents. If they didn't by the middle of this month, those dependents would be dropped.

The results have been a giant time-suck, not to mention insulting (and somewhat panic-inducing), as this letter from Sacto reporter Jordan Rau to his fellow staffers shows:

"I am one of the employees at the Los Angeles Times who has been told to provide Mercer with proof that the dependents who receive benefits through the company are not fictitious. Last week I faxed off the information to Mercer with a request that they confirm receipt via email, but so far I have heard nothing from them, even after sending by express mail the paperwork to them as well. "

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