Monday, October 15, 2007

Save Our Trade: Benefits Open Enrollment

By Ronnie Pineda

I recieved a call from Chuck Reney stating that he visited Triblink to review his open benefits enrollment and informed me that the website indictated "You do not have an open benefits enrollment".

I also visited to determine if my benefits information would be the same and it was. If you click on the "detail" on the benefits page, you will see an opening disclaimer which reads:

"Benefits for union-represented employees are subject to collective bargaining and the benefits summarized in this material may not currently apply. Local Human Resources or Tribune Benefits Service Center representatives can answer any questions about benefits for union-represented employees".

We will begin negotiating our contract in a couple of weeks and our benefits and their costs will be discussed and negotiated as this statement indicates. Our benefits are to remain as they are until we negotiate differently and agreed to by the bargaining unit.

Benefits Open Enrollment

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