Monday, October 01, 2007

Yolanda Malone Blogs About Her Son Jamal

As a scanned the Los Angeles Times California section Friday night I came across a story by Tony Barboza that caught my attention. Jamal Malone (pictured) was severely beaten last week, and is in grave condition at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, battling bleeding and swelling of the brain.

What caught my attention to this story was the fact that Jamal’s mother, Yolanda Malone is blogging about her son’s condition several times per day, as I did when I learned of my son Bryan’s death almost two months ago.

Drop in and send some love with the guestbook Ms. Malone has set up, and keep Jamal in your prayers.

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Kimbery Harbin-Debrossard said...

Hi Yolanda I'm a friend of Nicole's from Romulus since 7th grade. I know Jamal from me pushing him upside his big head at momma Fern's house. I'm so glad to see that he's doing better. I look foward to finally meeting you someday.