Friday, January 18, 2008

Advertising Migrating to the Internet

Yesterday’s news that the Chicago Tribune will be moving their help wanted advertising to the Internet, with no printed copy, sent chills through the Los Angeles Times Olympic pressroom. As every newspaper in the new Tribune Company seek ways to trim costs and increase cash flow, the Chicago Tribune will no longer print the classified help wanted ad’s Monday through Friday, and move the advertising to Career Builder.

The help wanted ads will continue to be printed on Saturday and Sunday’s, but how deep will this trend go with the other sections of each newspaper?

Wondering if this trend would reach the West Coast I asked a manager if the Times would follow suit, he said “At the Los Angeles Times we are weighing each section of the newspaper for costs compared to profits, and said we are looking at this but had no firm answers on which sections would disappear from the hardcopy newspaper to the Internet at this time”.

Many changes will be taking place at newspapers across the country, and we would enjoy hearing from other newspaper workers on the changes taking place at your company.

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Raven said...

If that happens where I am, I'm toast.
I think I'll try and squeeze one more year out of my car :)