Friday, February 29, 2008

The Blogging Pressman Meets Doug Davis

As I quickly scanned through my favorite blogs, while having a liquid lunch consisting of iced tea, a post from Kevin Roderick regarding a cartoonist having a show caught my attention. Last September a colleague felt a certain cartoonist work would fit well on my blog, brought Doug Davis to my attention, and after viewing Doug's work I agreed.

After introducing myself, I thanked Doug for granting permission to publish his work on my blog back in September. I also mentioned he’s what the Los Angeles Times could use, a political cartoonist. But Doug feels Sam Zell would never hire him, as many of his satires are aimed towards Sam. I disagreed, because Sam tells employees to have fun and laugh while working, and what’s better than having a laugh at the boss’ expense? With all the commotion occurring at Tribune Newspapers across the country, the employees certainly need a shot of laughter therapy right about now.

Before departing, we sang happy birthday to Doug, as he celebrated his twelfth birthday.

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