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John L. Manning and “The New Mars”

John L. Manning Jr. is the Author of “Paradise Island” and the “The New Mars” saga with more to come. John currently resides in Pennsylvania and is writing these books with hopes that the readers will dream about new experiences. Paradise Island was his second book after writing his first New Mars book. Paradise Island is about the development of a small getaway in the middle of the south Pacific. The New Mars saga starts with the development of three bio-domes that have become a great vacation getaway in the mid twenty first century. He has completed the second book of this saga that is about a family taking a vacation at the new Mars facilities and what Mars is developing into. Currently John has just finished the third book of this saga “The City Dome” and we are looking forward to it coming to the public next year.

AuthorHouse is the premier publishing house of emerging authors and new voices in literature. John has chosen AuthorHouse to publish his work, and we are proud to assist him in his ventures.

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The New Mars: A Family Vacation
Futuristic Novel Depicts the Red Planet as a Bustling, Growing, Family-Friendly Destination

DRESHER, Pa. – Have you ever wondered what form the colonization of Mars might take? Get a glimpse into the future as John L. Manning Jr. presents his exciting vision in The New Mars: A Family Vacation (published by AuthorHouse).

In the not too distant future of this novel, a family of four travels to the Red Planet, which is rapidly being developed with amusement parks, hotels, sporting complexes, casinos and other entertainment destinations in the new bio-domes. Retirement communities have sprung up too, because the weaker gravity on Mars makes it easier for the elderly to move around and enjoy their golden years.

The New Mars has developed an area with three separate complexes called Tents. One Tent has a sports complex with racing, sports, and other activities. It is amazing how the weaker gravity affects the sports on Mars. Another Tent has a retirement community with a mall and a hospital with all the needs of the retirees.

The family stays in a low-budget hotel in Tent A. It has a park that the kids love, but they soon discover other fun things to do in Tent A and the other Tents. Next to their hotel is a skating rink with a half pipe that has a show to see along with time to skate. Later the children accompany their parents to a bar that has open mic night every Thursday night that they enjoy. Eventually the family visits the other Tents, spending time at an arcade that has virtual reality games. Their mother spends a day at the spa and then they all see a movie at the theater in the mall.

On Friday, the family visits the Mars Domes and takes a tour. After their tour of the Mars Domes they spend time in a greenhouse where they meet a couple who wants to invest in the development boom on the planet.

The family spends all day Saturday in Tent B doing different sports and finishing the day there by seeing the exciting Pod Race, an off-road racing extravaganza that takes advantage of the harsh Martian terrain.


Paradise Island
A Couple Develops Small Island Won in Contest in New Book

DRESHER, Penn. – Author John L. Manning Jr. invites readers to a tropical adventure filled with mystery, intrigue and excitement in his new book, Paradise Island (now available through AuthorHouse).

Josh and Anna have always dreamed of having their own private getaway. It appears that their dream has come true when they win a credit card company’s contest. The prize is a small private island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, uninhabited and undeveloped, which lets them build a tropical island paradise.

Enlisting the help of friends and neighbors, Josh and Anna set off for their new vacation spot. They set out to turn it into the ultimate beach getaway. In addition to building tree house at the shallow beach and having tents at the cove, they find a hot spring in a cave that makes a good sauna. They also make other unbelievable discoveries by the cove, and at the big beach there is surfing, diving and other water sports. It is everything they dreamed it would be. Then odd incidents begin to baffle the inhabitants of Josh and Anna’s Paradise Island, and what they discover turns out to be something unbelievable.

Strange occurrences lead Josh and Anna to question their luck. The couple and their friends are frightened and excited by the unexplained events, and they soon discover that this island paradise is more than what it appears to be. Will they discover the secret behind the mystery of Paradise Island?

Manning says the appeal in this adventure is in its realism and mystery. “This book is an imaginary tale that has much in it that could be real,” he says. “It’s exciting when they don’t know what is behind the things that are happening. When they find out what it is, it makes the story more interesting. I think this book will appeal to many readers, because they can imagine their own paradise.”

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The New Mars
Author Presents Exciting Look at Future of Space Exploration in New Novel

DRESHER, Pa. – The exploration and development of a barren planet with little gravity could lead to endless possibilities and extreme situations. John L. Manning Jr. explores the expansion of habitats on Mars and the dangerous progression of pod car racing in his new novel, The New Mars (now available through AuthorHouse).

In the mid-21st century, the discovery of a new powerful and long-lasting power source has revolutionized life on Earth. Utilizing this power in jets, travel into space has become easier and the opportunity to develop barren lands is seized. Mars is the first planet to be inhabited by humans who build a viable environment in a dome that, despite growth, has not yielded much profit. When investors decide to transform Mars into a vacation spot, workers are sent from Earth to build a city under a reinforced tent. The workers spend their free time reading and become bored by the monotony. A few workers explore the planet and find a junkyard with used rovers and machinery from the dome. The discovery spurs the idea to build pod cars to race around Mars.

Three teams of workers—the technicians, the gardeners and the freelancers—start small races but excitement soon builds and more workers want to join. The interest generates the need for more tents and a racetrack, making the races an event to see on Mars. The reduced level of gravity on the planet propels the races to extreme and dangerous levels.

The same weightlessness gives one man the idea that Mars would also be a great place for seniors to retire. The reduced level of gravity would relieve the pressure on their joints and keep people active so they can do the things that they loved in their youth. Soon another tent is being built with condos and a mall with all of the necessities seniors need to make Mars a retirement destination.

The New Mars takes an interesting and imaginative look at the future and leads readers to wonder how long it will be until these events might really happen.


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