Friday, February 01, 2008

What Do You Think?

We all know that history has already been made by the Democratic Party, with a Woman AND a Black Man as the top competitors for the Presidential Race. But more history will be made when one or the other wins the Democratic Nomination.

On another note, the Republican Party has two front-runners that tend to have very differing views on the direction in which they will lead this nation.

The question is:

Do you think the winner of each party nomination will choose their current opponent as a running mate?

Why or why not?


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Democrats ... YES
Republicans ...NO

The combo of Hillary and Obama would be very hard to beat.

grandspud said...

I'm hoping the Republican contender chooses a real strong running mate and great American.
Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Try and match that Democraps!

Nubia said...

Now there's a real possibility for the Republicans, Grandspud! And a good choice, I might add.

Obama/Clinton (or vice versa), OR McCain/Rice. We'll hold on to our hats:-)

Would love to hear from others, if they feel it gets any better!

Anonymous said...

My choice for the Republican candidate would be

Condoleezza Rice / Colin Powell

Mr. OC

Anonymous said...

Also I think that a Rice/Powell ticket would be incredible. Now those 2 well deserving individuals are truly quallified for the job to run this nation.


Nubia said...

Good one, Mr. OC. Either of the two would be good for the Republicans.