Friday, March 07, 2008

Of No Consequence: The Fictional Diaries of Margaret B. Jones

Dear Diary,
Call me Margaret.
It took me years but I wrote the book of dreams. For three years, I worked with my editor over the phone, talked to the agent, the PR people and finally... finally my book Love and Consequences is being published!!! Michiko Kakutani has given me a rave review in the NY Times. She called it "raw and tender." Of course, this makes me v.v. hot.

Book tour!! How long can I pass as Margaret B. Jones, raised on the streets of South Central LA? Part white, part native American? Which tribe? I found by picking an obscure one, no one bothers to ask twice. At least, it worked with the lady on NPR.

Am figuring out how long I have to keep the southern accent gleaned from watching reruns of The Jeffersons, Good Times and Sanford and Son. Listened to my interview on NPR. The longer I talk, the thicker my accent becomes. Would Margaret keep those inflections that long? Or would she sound more like that lady on NPR? Maybe I'll tone it down. Interview went well. As I told her, I might have combined some people, but everything is true.

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